Coconut oil and it’s many uses

Coconut oil and it’s many uses

The humble coconut, you walk past in the supermarket not realizing that when the oil is extracted from this little hard shelled bocce looking ball it can do amazing things for your beauty regime.

Fun fact, coconut is regarded as a fruit, a nut and also a seed.

Now I will break it down for you, not all coconut oils are made the same and there are different choices, and we all love choices don’t we?

The different types of oils

Although fairly similar in appearance, there are 4 different types of coconut oils.

coconut oil

1. Unrefined organic coconut oil

Unrefined organic coconut oil, is the best of the best, the gold standard of coconut oil. It offers the most benefits and has the highest antioxidant levels out of all the coconut oils you are able to get.

2. Extra Virgin coconut oil

Then there’s the “Extra Virgin” Oil, which is made by cold-pressing the oil and does not preserve the antioxidants as well.

3. Refined coconut oil

Refined coconut oils are oils with no taste, and actually doesn’t possess the coconut smell that we all know and love. It is often heavily treated, heated, bleached and deodorized. So it still is a healthy option but the refined oils are the ones where the health benefits are not there.

4. Fractioned or MCT coconut oil

The final option is the fractioned or MCT coconut oil, this oil is a liquid that doesn’t get solid below 76 degrees like the unrefined oil does. Nor does it contain all of the beneficial properties of an unrefined oil, however it is higher in brain-boosting fats.

Coconut oil benefits

Now that’s enough of the boring stuff, now to the good bit. Coconut oil has a million different uses, who would have thought an oil which many had no knowledge of until a couple of years back could do so much good. Coconut oil is like the superhero oil, you can practically use it for anything!

So here are my top uses for coconut oil and how it will completely change your beauty regime for the better. Let’s start with your hair and work our way down.


For centuries upon centuries coconut oil has been used to benefit your hair. Now you see the unique fats that make up the oil is perfect for that dry hair, that dull looking hair, if you got hair then you need this oil! It can be used as a mask, heated up as a hot oil treatment, or mix it up with other ingredients to create your own hair product. You can sleep with it in your hair, put a towel down though, after all it is oil.


Now your skin, do you ever feel like it just needs that extra bit of moisture? Well hello coconut oil. For me simply using it in it’s natural form is what works best, slather it on your skin after a shower, you will not only smell amazing, your skin will become more hydrated, feel softer and look better. When it comes to using it as a moisturizer feel free to mix it up, add in some oils to give a different smell to it or even use it as a massage oil. You can even whip it up with some shea butter for a soothing body balm.


You can even use it for shaving your legs instead of a shaving cream, it also helps to stop wrinkles and calm down any skin irritation you may have. It also can help skin heal faster after injury or infection because of its beneficial fats. I even wash my face with the oil to get rid of my makeup and to also cleanse my skin with the antibacterial properties that it has in it, apply it before your normal cleanser or simply use it as your everyday cleanser. Now this is just what works best for me, everyone has different skin and some may find it to be too oily (no pun intended), but the antibacterial properties can actually help with any acne or skin problems, so give it a go and see how it works for you.

Inner health

Did you know you can even get coconut oil tablets to help with your digestive health? It has beneficial antimicrobial properties that have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it beneficial for immune support to help fight irritation and infection in the gut. Not only that but it can actually benefit the body’s natural hormone production. So it’s natural, can fight infection and isn’t going to drain your wallet of all the money. Really the options are endless, can’t do much wrong with it and it does in fact take care of your body from the outside, in.


You can even use it for cooking to replace your normal cooking oils. So you will literally be eating, and breathing coconut oil. Best part is that it is regarded as a stable oil which means it doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures. It also doesn’t go rancid easily and again it has those amazing nutritional properties.

Oral health

Now this one may surprise you, but you can even brush your teeth with coconut oil. Stay with me, I haven’t gone crazy on you. Coconut oil can actually help to remineralise teeth, and can actually whiten teeth. You can use it by itself or even mix it with some baking soda to help with the whitening process.

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